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Order of Service

Sun 22 Mar 2020

You are encouraged to have the service together with your family members or your CG in the following sequence.  The audio sermon link will be activated from 12pm on Sundays for the day.

  • Worship & Praise

You are encouraged to worship with the following hymn/song:


  • Pray Together

Oh, Father Lord, we are thankful that even in anxious times such as this, we can continue to come before you. We are still able to raise our prayers, for you are the same, unchanging God. No matter what our earthly circumstances, you are God omniscient, ever faithful.


Lord, for such a time such as this, we are to let our light shine as your children. That in an overwhelming world, we can make a difference to be an encourager, especially a supporter of our neighbours. It is our opportunity to shine for the Lord, to glorify You amidst the caution, fear and apprehension. Let us shine the beam of hope for You Lord that others will be uplifted. Lord, we pray for your Spirit to empower us with strength, wisdom and love so needed in times like this. In Jesus most powerful Name we pray. Amen.

  • Listen to the sermon
    (Nehemiah 4 - Overcoming Discouragement)

  • Offertory

General Fund

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Cell Group Ministry

Be a part of what God is doing at MCI today.

‘made to be together, stronger together, better together…”

You are an important part of ‘together’!

Join a Cell Group today! Contact Clive (83387157) or Elsie (98578258) for sign-up details

Sale of the SOAP Journal

MCI is embarking on the Nehemiah pulpit series. All CGs will be studying the book using the SOAP framework in tandem with the pulpit series. For those who are unable to participate in the CG Ministry at this point in time, you are encouraged to participate in the learning and explore God's Word using the SOAP framework. You may purchase a copy of the SOAP journal at $4 per copy at Infohub outside JPG Hall from 10am to 11am. From 22 March onwards, please call church office (67652209) or Clive (83387157) or Elsie (98578258) to place your order for the SOAP journals. Collection of the pre-ordered journals and payment will be carried out at infohub on Sundays.


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