Frequently Asked Questions


Sunday 22 March to 3 May 2020.

1.  Why suspend worship services now?

As our government advances more measures to stem the growth of the COVID-19 virus in Singapore, the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) and Methodist Church leaders have, on Thursday, 19 March 2020, agreed to support these new government measures.

The suspension of worship services is NOT compulsory. Hence, there was no need for the Methodist Church to stand down worship services, until now. Collectively, the leadership of the Methodist Church have decided to help minimise the possibilities of COVID-19 spread. By suspending our regular congregating of members (more than 42,000 in Singapore), we are doing our part as the corporate church.

2.   Why suspend church services up to 3 May?

It is an advisory given for a sufficient period to have a 'circuit breaker' of the virus spreading.  By taking 42000 congregation members out of Sunday service circulation, there will be lesser chance available for virus contact.

3.   Exactly what programmes are continuing, and what are not?

4.  Are there any sermons during this suspension?

Yes, there are.

Please go to for Pastor’s audio sermons.

5.  Are there any Pastoral Services available during Sundays?

For those in need of Pastoral Services, please contact the Pastors or Preacher Matthew directly or send your request to

6.  How do I continue with my tithing and offering during the Sunday service suspension?

Please connect to for MCI’s Pay Now codes.

7.   When do Worship Services resume?

Worship Services is planned to resume on 10 May 2020.

8.   What precautions are we taking when Sunday services resume?

MCI will continue to practice the following:
a. Total disinfecting wipe down will continue to be practised, before and after services.
b. Temperature taking and contact tracing procedures have been and will be a safety norm. Do come early as you can expect queue forming.
c. Social Distancing seating will be practised. One metre space will be instituted as much as possible.
d. Hand sanitisers will continue to be provided for your use during the services..

9.   How do we keep updated on MCI activities?

MCI will communicate updates on our website, Our website will be the source for all the latest information.

We will be contacting you via your Cell Groups leaders, your email, or direct calls to you..

10.  Why are Cell Groups continuing?

Cell Groups will be conducted not through face to face gathering but through technological ways.


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