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Registration Instructions

  1. Download this Excel File (Click Here) and fill in all your family or contact group & your details including passport data.

  2. Ensure your passport have at least 6 months validity from 23 Jun 2024 before expiry.

  3. Make payment to MCI General Fund, entering payment remark with "JB <Your Name>".  Do a screen grab of your successful payment.

  4. Email the completed Excel File and the screen grab to  Ensure your email subject title is:
    "JB Outing Registration"



General Fund

Key-in the Church UEN: S92CC0906GGEN
Or scan QR Code below using your preferred bank app

Enter remark "JB <Name>"

Online Bank Transfer

General Fund

Bank                       : DBS

Bank Code             : 7171

Account Number  : 066-002368-0

Enter remark "JB <Name>"


  1. 下载此 Excel 文件(点击此处)并填写您的所有家人或小组的详细信息,包括护照数据。

  2. 确保您的护照自 2024 年 6 月 23 日起在到期前还有至少 6 个月的有效期。

  3. 向 MCI General Fund 付款,并在付款备注中输入“JB <您的护照姓名>”。截屏显示您成功付款的情况。

  4. 将完成的 Excel 文件和屏幕截图通过电子邮件发送至。确保您的电子邮件主题标题是: "JB Outing Registration"

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