MCI LCEC 2020-2021.png

The following persons have been elected/re-elected on 18 Sep 2020 to serve in the various offices for the new Church Year 2020/2021. 

Mr Shawn Choo

Ms Serene Lai

Mrs Elsie Rajaratnam

Ms Amelia Koh

Mr Wan Jun Jie

Ms Lydia Chong

Mr Clive Yam

Mr Philip Yim

Ms Cindy Wong

Ms Audrey Goh

Ms Florence Tang

Mr Charlie Kwok

Mr Yip Yew Kwong

Ms Tabitha Vicky Rajaratnam

Ms Kee Mui Joo

Ms Jasmine Chong

Ms Lisa Liu

Chairperson, LCEC

Lay Leader // Vice-Chairperson, LCEC // Chairperson, Youth

Associate Lay Leader // Chairperson, Pastor-Parish Relations & Staff Committee

Associate Lay Leader //

Chairperson, Discipleship & Nurture



Chairperson, Cell Groups

Chairperson, Finance

Chairperson, Family Life

Chairperson, Governance // LCEC Secretary

Chairperson, Outreach & Social Concerns

Chairperson, Property

Chairperson, Witness & Evangelism

Chairperson, Worship & Music

Church School Superintendent

Chairperson, Mandarin Ministry

President, WSCS