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Usher Ministry

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Ushers are sometimes called the frontline service as we set the tone by offering the first welcome to worshippers. We make the first impression of the church. We ushers extend our unconditional love to worshippers similar to the unconditional love we received from God.


We yearn to be a great welcome to the house of God. In us, hospitality of God is seen.


Duties of an usher include:

  • Being properly attired

  • Being punctual to greet the church with a huge smile!

  • Making every attempt to help worshippers feel welcome and at ease

  • Readily being avaiable to answer questions of anyone in assistance

  • Identifying first-time guests, and directly them to iWelcome Hosts

  • Collating of prayer requests

  • Keenly aware of available seats and ushering visitors to their seats (and loved ones)

  • Assisting people with disability to enter and leave the church

  • Collect offerings

  • Directing worshippers during communion

  • Maintain order and safety during services


In short, ushers make worshippers feel welcomed in the Lord's house.


Duty Frequency:

Once to twice a month on a Sunday worship service

Sundays, 10am

1st Floor, Sanctuary

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